Amazing Outdoor Weddings: 5 Great Ideas for Nature Lovers

Are you one of the 2.3 million couples getting married this year? Every day, there are at least 6,200 weddings. If yours is next, why not make it stand out?

Long gone are the days of traditional weddings—something blue, white dresses, church backdrop. These classic weddings are celebrated. But for our nature lovers out there, they leave much to be desired.

Now, there are some unique wedding ideas out there. Some are a little crazier than others (we’re looking at you, scuba diving nuptials). But some are just right.

So we’ve put together a list of lush, awe-inspiring, breathtaking spots for you to consider before you say “I do.” It may require you to get a passport—or maybe not. Let’s see how adventurous you two are!

A Botanical Garden

From old dairy farms turned wedding venues—to public spaces like the Brooklyn Botanic Garden—having a wedding garden-side is a beautiful way to celebrate. There’s no need for decoration when there are overhanging vines, flowering buds, and green everywhere! Let nature serve its purpose and allow it to make the statement.

This provides an easy set-up—no need to compete with the outdoors. Just set up fold-out chairs for your guests, wear comfortable shoes (or go barefoot), and the rest is done!

A Treehouse

Yes, you read that correctly. To go with the nature theme, we thought we’d add in this new destination wedding spot: a treehouse.

Many places are now turning what sounds like a high school hangout into what is a gorgeous place to get married. It offers a stable space to get married while also being open and warm. It’s equal parts charming and relaxing, making it perfect for humble nature lovers.

Some treehouses offer overnight stays with their weddings, allowing you the opportunity to make up surrounded by moss-covered trees and dewy grass.

A Scenic Public Park

Public parks are an excellent option for those who love to spend time outside. If you and your partner are hikers, trekkers, travelers, then you may enjoy a park wedding.

Parks offer a space that is nice without breaking your bank. Access is easy to obtain from the on-site office or permit office. This will also be the place to find out about any park rules and regulations that may interfere.

One downside to choosing a public park is that you can’t necessarily “book” a spot that is guaranteed to be free of other guests. Since the park is there for everyone, other people may be around.

If you want a park experience that is more exclusive and private, you’ll love our next option, which takes us to a National Forest.

A Spectacular Gorge

Kentucky, home to amazing canyon systems and parks, is a quaint, nature-centric place for two people to tie the knot.

Specifically, the Red River Gorge. Located in the Daniel Boone National Forest, this gorge runs in an area that spreads for almost 30,000 miles. Its canyon systems are deep, expansive, and beautiful.

If you want to put your wedding cliffside, the gorge offers you a chance to do this without having to travel far at all. Surrounded by sandstone arches and towering cliffs, you’ll be at no shortage for nature views.

You can even turn it up another notch—and use a helicopter! At Cliffview Resort we actually have a helipad on site. This not only improves your awesome view but gives your guests something to remember!

Plus, you can say you’ve gotten married at a historic location. The Red River Gorge is a designated Geological Area and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

For when the party goes later than expected, a place like this offers lodging for you and the whole family. That way your experience can wait to end—at least until breakfast.

A New Country

Say you really want to shake things up a bit—and you’ve got some money to spend. You can consider taking your wedding global, perhaps to the landscape-lush islands of New Zealand. This destination spot is known for its spectacular views.

Of course, with that reputation comes some popularity. If you’re worried about dealing with the crowds, avoid New Zealand in the beginning months of the year, where tourists abound. January specifically is a popular time for people to visit New Zealand’s beaches.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

So, how can you narrow down your decision? Here are some factors to consider:

  • Does the venue align with your nature-loving, thrill-seeking vision?
  • Can your guests attend the wedding easily? Is its location accessible to your family and friends?
  • Does the venue have space for prepping the wedding and winding down after?
  • Is lodging available for anyone who wants to stay? Are there enough bedrooms, a large kitchen, and amenities?
  • Is the space within a reasonable budget? Are there wedding packages available?
  • What is available / not available?
  • What should you bring?

It’s important for your space to make you happy, to fit your budget, and to allow for a perfect day.

Don’t want to cook? Find a space that caters, too (or offers free breakfast!). Whatever it is—make sure your needs get met.

Unique Wedding Ideas for Unique Couples

Sometimes, the “same old, same old” just doesn’t cut it.

Why wear white when a pale blue is your color? Why get married indoors when you’d rather say “I do” near a cavernous cliff? There’s no point in limiting yourself when there are hundreds—thousands—of unique wedding ideas out there.

Cliffview Resort was Trip Advisor’s Hall of Fame winner in 2018. With a rustic lodge, 250-degree overlook, and more, Kentucky deserves to be a contender on your list.

Check out this page for more information on our beautiful wedding venue. See for yourself why the Red River Gorge is the perfect place for your nuptials!

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