Kentucky Outdoor Wedding Venues

Tips for Finding the Best Kentucky Outdoor Wedding Venues

If you’re a soon-to-be bride, you’ve likely been dreaming of flowing white dresses, lovely bouquets, and multi-tiered cakes. You may also be thinking of a location for your upcoming wedding and wondering about an outdoor ceremony. If so, these tips for finding the best Kentucky outdoor wedding venues can give you some ideas of what to look for as you begin your search for the perfect setting in which to say your vows.

Determine the Space Needed

You’ll want to be sure there is plenty of space to hold the wedding party and all your guests. No one wants to be cramped or feel confined to a small pavilion during an outside celebration with 200 people.  An experienced venue host will be able to answer all these questions and more.

Plan for Unforeseen Weather

While the weather channel may forecast a warm, sunny day for your nuptials, the most anyone can offer is an educated guess. There’s no guarantee the weather will cooperate when the day arrives so decide on Plan B beforehand. You’ll want to know where the ceremony will be held if the weather turns bad. Many outdoor venues can provide shelter in case of rain, just be sure you know in advance.

Avoid Parking Pitfalls

Knowing up front where guests will park can alleviate a lot of hassle on your special day. Be sure the venue offers plenty of space for parking. If guests would be required to walk very far, plan for valet service or shuttles to get them to the site as needed. This is especially important if grandparents or other elderly guests will be attending.

Consider the View

While it may be listed last, the view is certainly not the least important aspect of your wedding venue. Being able to look out upon rolling hills, flowering shrubs or other attractive scenery will help you relax and enjoy the beauty of your wedding day. In addition, a lovely view will make an excellent backdrop for your wedding photos and snapshots.
Following these simple tips can help ensure the outdoor wedding venue you choose is perfect for your needs. Your wedding day is one you’ll remember the rest of life. Choosing the right location will make the memories even more special as the years go by.

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