Indoor Wedding Venues in KY

If you’re planning your wedding, chances are that your “To Do” list is a mile long… or longer! From finding a dress and shopping with your bridesmaids to making sure your groom is happy and that everyone will be sitting at a table with people they like, there are a million details to consider. Finding the reception venue is just one item on your long, long list – but it’s a very important item, at that! When it comes to finding indoor wedding venues in KY, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Finding a Reception Venue

Your main consideration when looking for indoor wedding venues in KY is what you need to be included. Some brides and grooms hire their own caterer, which means the venue won’t need to provide the food. Others want the reception venue to take care of everything, from floral centerpieces to dessert. Knowing what’s included will help you to determine if the venue is right for your wedding day. Also, it’ll save you from spending a ton of money for a wedding venue that comes with decor and vendors you simply don’t need.

Centerpieces & Other Decor

When you’re “shopping” for indoor wedding reception venues, make sure to take your design plans into consideration. Some brides don’t have any plans for decor, while others want the venue to be completely outfitted to their specifications. If you want red seat covers, for example, you probably won’t want a reception venue that has green walls. Make sure to consider all of this before you book the venue.

Planning the Menu

Unless you’re going to use the venue’s own catering vendors, you’ll need to figure out the kind of menu you want ahead of time. Do you want a reception, where your wedding guests will be served hors d’oeuvres the entire time? Make sure the venue can accommodate this. Are you having a barbecue menu and you need a huge buffet spread? If the venue doesn’t have long tables and tablecloths, you’ll have to rent these for the wedding day.

While your wedding venue is an important part of wedding planning and you’ll need to book as early as possible, you have to have some other details worked out ahead of time. Figure out what details you’re going to remain strict about and which ones are flexible. Then, you’ll know what you can settle for when you begin looking at venues.

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