Discovering Natural Treasures: 8 Unexpected Benefits of a Corporate Retreat

Over 80 percent of companies (both large and small) don’t offer an annual corporate retreat for employees. Why not?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small startup with under 10 employees, or if you employ up to 1,000 members of staff. A corporate retreat brings huge benefits to your business.

There are so many reasons to get out of the office and treat your colleagues to a work retreat. But, some of the benefits may surprise you.

Do you want to discover the natural treasures of a corporate retreat? Check out our blog post below for more!

1. Create Workplace Friendships

You’re not just a corporation, you’re a team. Team-work works even better if you’re a group of friends as well.

While you don’t want everyone chatting and having fun in the office all the time. Of course, you want people to concentrate on their work.

However, studies have shown that the more friends people have at work, the better for your business.

At the moment, roughly only 20 percent of employees have a best friend at work. What if you could double that?

Let’s be even more ambitious. If you could triple the number of workers with close friends at work, you could see huge improvements.

Studies show that the number of safety incidents would drop by 36 percent. Your clients would be more than 7 percent engaged.

What’s the big picture here? You could see your profits skyrocket by 12 percent.

2. Keep Workers On-Board

Do you realize the cost of turnover at your company?

Employee turnover can cost you up to $15,000 per employee. Therefore, you need to do everything you can to improve your employee retainment.

Think about it.

You’ve got the costly recruitment of employees. Then, you have to invest in training and development for them. Not to mention office equipment, pensions, etc.

You’re simply throwing money out the window if you fail to keep them on-board for long enough. The longer they stick around, the more valuable they’ll be to you.

Roughly one-third of employees say that they know if they’re going to stick around at the company within the first week. You’ve got to make a good impression!

By providing your employees with exciting opportunities, such as corporate retreats, you can convince your talent to stay where they are.

3. Appeal to Job-Seekers

Since under 20 percent of organizations provide company retreats, you can set yourself apart from the crowd with your annual get-away.

You may think that job-seekers only care about salary. But, you’d be surprised!

Sure, money is the most important factor for workers.

However, up to 63 percent of job-seekers consider benefits, including company retreats to be important when deciding whether to accept a job.

4. See the Bigger Picture

The corporate retreat is obviously about much more than work. You get to have a lot of fun together.

You also include workshops.

In the office, you can get bogged down in the day to day running of the business. Your employees could feel like firefighters always putting out flames.

The company retreat is an opportunity to work on the bigger picture.

What are the values of your company? Where do you want to be in ten years?

It’s important to stop and take a breather occasionally. The company retreat is a chance to reflect on questions that would get crowded out most days.

5. Relieve Workplace Stress

Most American workers say that they’re stressed most of the time.

A stressed workforce can undermine productivity, damage morale and lead to unhealthy employees.

There are so many fun activities to do from hiking in the woods to ziplining across the river. This physical activity has been shown to relieve stress.

Your employees will return from the corporate retreat stress-free and excited to get back to the work.

Remember, choose the date of your annual corporate retreat wisely. You can enjoy the biggest benefits after a busy period during the year.

6. Enhanced Concentration

Americans check their phones every 12 minutes. Technology has transformed business and society at large.

However, sometimes it’s not obvious whether it’s our slave or the other way around.

Research shows that human beings now have a worse attention span than a goldfish. As a result, our attention spans have dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds.

You can receive numerous benefits by taking a digital detox day with your colleagues. Leave your cell phones at home and enjoy living your real lives for a while.

7. Improve Company Morale

How’s your company morale?

You need to make sure your employees have the right attitude. You cannot allow the challenges and negatives to come out on top ever.

By taking your team to a corporate retreat, you can improve your company morale. Not convinced?

Companies who have good morale outperform other companies by up to 20 percent.

By showing your employees you care about their well-being. You also reward them for their hard work. You’ll receive results in return!

8. Unlock Hidden Talents

When you’re always in the office with your colleagues, you don’t really get to know the real person.

However, when you at the corporate retreat, it can reveal a bunch of hidden talents which your co-workers possess.

“Can you believe that Dave from IT is so funny? Did you realize Debra from HR is an experienced hiker?”

When employees know more about each other, they can relate to each other better. You never know what you’re going to discover about your employee which can benefit your business.

Think You Should Take Your Team on a Corporate Retreat?

It’s a mystery why more corporations don’t take their team on corporate retreats. There are so many benefits from learning about each other to relieving workplace stress.

Now you know the advantages of a work retreat. What are you waiting for? You can make sure your workers know you care by taking them on a memorable experience.

Want to arrange a corporate retreat at our Cliffview Resort? Get in touch with us today before your competition does.

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