Cabin Rentals in Kentucky

Cabin Rentals in KentuckyThere aren’t many better places to visit then the Bluegrass state. Here in Kentucky, you get an unprecedented chance to experience Mother Nature in a number of different ways. From the Red River Gorge to Mammoth Cave National Park to Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park to Daniel Boone National Forest, there is a host of things to do and see. All in all, it’s an excellent place to explore or to see on vacation, which is why you’re on the lookout for cabin rentals in Kentucky.

Hotels are fine, but there’s nothing like getting the full modern rustic experience in a cabin all to yourself. Plus, cabins for rent are right in the middle of the action, whether that’s near the Red River Gorge, Boone or Natural Bridge.

Reserving a cabin is a usually a pretty straight-forward process, yet you have to have an idea of where to start. It’s not as if you vacation in Kentucky and rent cabins on a regular basis. The good news is Cliffview Resort is your trusted specialist in this arena and we’re happy to help.

Oh, and did you know, we’re a Tripadvisor Hall of Fame Winner for 2018! Here are twelve of the best options on our hit list which need to be on yours.

Kentucky Rental Cabins Options

Cliffview Resort

Let’s start with the best Kentucky vacation rentals in the entire state (at least on ours and 300+ happy reviewers’ opinions). You might think we’re biased, but we know we have the facts to back it up. For one thing, the location is perfect. Situated in the heart of Red River Gorge and near Natural Bridge State Resort Park, our cabins and lodge rooms offer unrivaled views of Eastern Kentucky.

But, we don’t only expect Mother Nature to be your friend during your stay. Keeping connected is important in this day and age, which is why our amenities include:

  • Free, high-speed wi-fi
  • HDTVs in every room
  • Free books, games, and DVDs

Plus, Cliffview Resort is a fantastic choice for family vacations, weddings, corporate retreats or a romantic weekend getaway. Whatever you need, we have the ultimate cabin rentals in Kentucky.

We offer three different lodging options for you to book. From our luxury cabins, the Cliffview Retreat (11 bedrooms) and the Cliffview Lakeside (12 bedrooms), to renting our entire 16 bedrooms Cliffview Lodge, to booking just a room or two in our Cliffview Lodge Guestrooms (assuming the whole cabin isn’t rented out already!).

Natural Bridge Five Star Cabin Rental

Don’t worry because this isn’t a post about how good we are and how the competition is terrible. As people who provide quality, we know it when we see it and Natural Bridge Five Star cabin rental hits the brief. With up to 50 one to three-bedroom cabins available, Natural Bridge is a reliable getaway spot for small groups to be at one with nature. Located in Slade, KY, this rental cabin company offers the a good option for peace and tranquility.

Plus, it has all the usual amenities such as a fully-equipped kitchen and gas or electric fires. For those who want to add a bit of glamour to their cabin, Jacuzzis are available on request.

John James Audubon State Park

Cabins for rent in Kentucky always focus on the surrounding environment. However, James Audubon State Park is a leader in trails, offering hikes which stretch for miles around. Not only that, but there is incredible fishing on offer too.

And, if you’re into wildlife, the bird watching is some of the best around. Inside Audubon State Park, the owners of Friends of Audubon are happy to put their money where their mouth is as they are pet-friendly.

If you want to learn about the area as a whole, there’s a fascinating museum which is billed as a “true gem.” As far as cabins for a family vacation in the Bluegrass state, these are hard to beat thanks to the pioneer: John James Audubon.

Mountain Laurel Lake Resort

Have you always dreamed of having your own piece of tranquility? Thanks to the cabins on offer at Mountain Laurel Lake Resort, that dream can become a reality. With only five of them on offer, there won’t be any noisy neighbors disrupting your holiday. It’s just you, the family and the trees.

The one to three-bedroom rentals available are by no means basic, though. As well as an incredible view of the lake itself, you’ll get a modern kitchen and a stone fireplace to keep you warm.

With these rustic, peaceful features, there aren’t many people who leave this area stressed and uptight. Usually, the guests are relaxed to the point where they can’t wait to return, but it’s hard to tell because they’re so unwound!

Yatesville Lake Cabin Rental

It’s hard to beat a cabin rental which is tucked up in the side of a mountain. That’s what Yatesville provides its guests when they turn up at their Sacred Winds abode. Advertised as the number one rated cabin rental service in Kentucky (guess they’ve not heard about Cliffview Resort!), the Yatesville people are happy to back up their claims.

As well as the traditional hiking and fishing, there is also golf and hunting. So, anybody who wants to mix it up and do something different has the opportunity.

There’s no need to fret if everyone jumps at the chance to vacation here because cabins sleep up to ten people. Plus, they include cool tidbits such as Amish-made furniture. It’s not every day you come into contact with one of the most remote people in America.

Peaceful Valley Lake And Cabins

Sometimes, it’s tough to find the right rental cabin for your needs. Peaceful Valley makes it foolproof as the clues are in the title. Located on the lake, it’s a fantastic open space for the children to let loose and enjoy their holiday. With the catch-and-release fishing, they’ll never forget this experience.

The fun doesn’t end at night, either. This retreat allows fires so that you can cook dinner and end the evening with a cup of cocoa and s’mores.

Thaxton’s South Fork Canoe Trails, Inc. and Paddlers’ Inn

Sure, it’s a bit of a mouthful but don’t let that stop you from missing out on this jewel in the Kentucky crown. Due to the proximity to the Licking River, this is a perfect place for anyone looking to have fun.

Yes, there’s the obligatory fishing, but there’s also rafting, canoeing and kayaking available. The fact it’s only thirty minutes away from South Cincinnati, Ohio opens Paddlers’ Inn to a host of new sights and attractions.

Lighthouse Landing Resort And Marina

When you see the word “lake,” you don’t expect a massive expanse of water. Kentucky Lake is different because it’s huge, and that makes Lighthouse Landing Resort and Marina special.

For one thing, you can learn how to cruise. That’s right; it’s possible to sail like a captain on a lake. Yachts are available to rent for those who don’t have their own.

Lighthouse also likes to provide live entertainment. Visit the Badgett Playhouse for music and a breathtaking view of the sun setting over the lake.

Pennyrile Forest Resort

Great views are hard to come by on the ground. They’re not impossible to find, but it’s better to have a vantage point. Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park understands this and has done something about it. They’ve built them on a high cliff overlooking the Lake and nearby Dawson Springs.

However, Pennyrile is more than serene views. Looking at the sights is pretty special, but it doesn’t beat putting boots on the ground and exploring. With this rental cabin company, it’s possible to do it by walking, biking or boating.

There’s even horseback riding for anyone who is ready to test out their Kentucky Derby credentials. Thanks to Clifty Creek Restaurant, you can experience the best in state cuisine after a long day. We recommend the farm-raised catfish pulled straight from the lake.

Lake Woods Log Cabin

Due to its location in the heart of Grand Rivers, Lake Woods’ log cabins are unbeatable for wildlife. Bird watching is their specialty as there are a host of different species including eagles. Closer to the ground there are elk, buffalo, and deer. People who like to hunt can thanks to the variety of game animals. Plus, it’s twenty minutes away from four Kentucky state parks so the wildlife is extremely accessible.

At night, grab a lamp post and hit up the Grand Rivers Variety Show because it’s a must-see.

Red River Gorgeous

As the name suggests, Red River Gorgeous provides for solid scenery. It’s backcountry secluded and very remote while being accessible by road at the same time. People who want to get off the grid can opt for a tree house room. Kentucky vacation rentals don’t come as remote or exciting as a tree house.

Situated in Daniel Boone National Forest, the location is fairly convenient. The Red River is only one mile away, as is the Nada Tunnel, and Martin’s Fork Trailhead is one-eighth of a mile. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, you will be surprised by their customer service and attention to detail.

Scenic Cabin Rentals

There are lots of cabin rentals in Kentucky in the Red River Gorge area, but none are as off the grid as these. Some of the offerings do have wifi, but they are few and far between. Also, the location deep in the heart of the Gorge means the signal is unreliable. As a result, this is a good choice for people looking to get away from civilization for a few days. Whether you’re a couple on honeymoon or a family trying to reconnect, Scenic Cabin is a good option.

Be sure to check out the activities, especially the zip lining. The pursuit itself is cool, yet so is the process of getting to the top of surrounding hills. The views are stunning.

Cabins For Rent In Kentucky – What To Consider

Everyone needs help when they don’t know where to start. However, it’s nice not to rely on people all of the time. You want to be able to spot the best Kentucky vacation rentals available without constant research and validation. We understand because making a quick decision is usually an excellent way to snap up a cheap yet quality cabin.

With that in mind, below you’ll find the features to consider when researching cabin rentals in Kentucky. The following will help you to decide which offerings are the best and how to tailor them to your needs. Please note: the list doesn’t involve the price. Only you know what you can afford and what is too expensive.

  • Location: It’s vital that you’re within walking, cycling or driving distance of the sights. Otherwise, you might spend a lot of the time stuck in the cabin. We don’t think this is a terrible thing, not with our range of rentals in the Kentucky area. However, it is easy to get stir crazy after a while especially when you’re not used to the quiet. In the Bluegrass state, there are attractions such as Red River Gorge, Daniel Boone National  Forest and Cumberland Falls. Whatever you want to see, make sure it’s accessible from the cabin.
  • Activities: Along the same lines is the number of events. For a honeymoon, sitting under the stars by the lake will be perfect. If you have kids, however, they need to release their energy. Fishing, hiking and cycling will always be on the agenda, so it’s nice to branch out where possible. Kids tend to love zip lining for the adrenaline rush! Check out our Red River Gorge Things To Do page for more area ideas.
  • Amenities: Because Kentucky vacation rentals can be secluded, there isn’t the option of going out for dinner. Therefore, you’re going to need two things: a nearby store and a fully-functioning kitchen. Some cabins provide an oven, a microwave and a dishwasher for good measure.
  • Pet Policy: If you can’t be away from Fido for a few days, you might want to consider renting a pet-friendly cabin. Check by visiting the website or picking up the phone.

Kentucky vacation rentals are amazing whichever you choose, but we hope you pick us. You’re sure to love the experience!


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