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Cliffview Notes – November 2019

In this issue: Two Hundred Forty-three Years of Defending Our Liberty, Our Way Of Life Looking Over My Shoulder Cooking with Jenny – Wild Turkey Glazed Wild Turkey Dinner at Chez Rocher de Plymouth 1621 Christmas at Cliffview Read more – Cliffview Notes November 2019

Cliffview Notes – October 2019

In this issue: Adventures Abound In The Red River Gorge View From The Cliff – Big Foot and Zipping Cookin’ with Jenny – Football Friendly Food It’s A Jungle Out There Speaking of Animals The Thirty-second Annual Lee County Woolly Worm Festival Read more – Cliffview Notes October 2019

Cliffview Notes – September 2019

In this issue: End of Summer?  Not Here! The Red River Gorge:  The Perfect Family Adventure Destination Joe Pye Weed:  A Natural Medicine Cabinet Beatyville Main Street Market It’s September – Again! Get ‘Em Hooked While Young Read more – Cliffview Notes September 2019

Cliffview Notes – August 2019

In this issue: Summertime And The Living Is Easy Betcha Didn’t Know…. Beatyville Main Street Market The Green Ghost The Plant That Ate The South A Gaggle of Geese Tomato Daze Read more – Cliffview Notes August 2019

Cliffview Notes – July 2019

In this issue: Minnie Rhodes’ Seven Destinations To Avoid This Summer Camping in the Mountains in State and Federal Forests Cooking’ with Jenny – The Bacon-Burger Weenie Wrap Ice Cream Friend or Foe? Beatyville Main Street Market Read more – Cliffview Notes July 2019

Cliffview Notes – June 2019

In this issue: Outdoor Adventures in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge Ready for a Family Summer Adventure? Head Out On The Highway Looking For Adventure! Locally Made 2019 Events Read more – Cliffview Notes June 2019

Cliffview Notes – May 2019

In this issue: Come Enjoy Spring at Cliffview Resort! Things To Do In The Red River Gorge Area Green Driving (Like the Color of Money) How You Could Save a Cool Thousand Bucks Read more – Cliffview Notes May 2019

Cliffview Notes – April 2019

In this issue: We welcome our new Innkeeper, Janice The Joy of April Things To Do In The Red River Gorge Area Safe Hiking in Cliffview and State and Federal Forests Baseball Team Names Challenge Read more – Cliffview Notes April 2019

Cliffview Notes – March 2019

In this issue: View From The Cliff Hey, Ya’ll!  Come on Down The Red River Gorge – Eastern Kentucky’s Vacation Haven Planning Your Wedding, Reunion or Work Retreat Read more – Cliffview Notes March 2019

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