How To Plan A Corporate Retreat

Planning a corporate retreat can cause you to ask a lot of questions. It’s an arduous task to perfect your company retreat plans, especially because there is so much to consider when it comes to both the why and the how of the retreat. You will probably find yourself wondering if a corporate retreat is worth the money and time that goes into planning it.

Cliffview Notes – April 2019

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21 Team Building Activities That Everyone Will Actually Enjoy During Your Company Retreat

A single individual might have an idea for a business, but only a tight-knit team of executives can get it going. Once it is running, it takes a tight-knit staff to keep it going, to grow it, and to ensure it thrives. However, maintaining an efficient team that works well together takes more effort than …

21 Team Building Activities That Everyone Will Actually Enjoy During Your Company RetreatRead More »

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Jesica B. in Chattanooga, TN booked a Room at The Lodge
Frank R. in Knoxville, TN booked The Cliffview Lakeside
Joyce B. in Indianapolis, IN booked The Cliffview Retreat
Susan R. in Frankfort, KY booked a Room at The Lodge
Bob T. in Lexington, KY booked a Room at The Lodge
Jill S. in Cincinnati, OH booked the Cliffview Lakeside
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