Cliffview Notes – December 2018

In this issue: Cliffview’s 7th Annual “Christmas in the Woods” Hey Ya’ll Come on Down Christmas Spirit Santa Claus Peace Why December 25 The Message of Christmas Win A Great Christmas Gift By Entering Our December Contest Read more – Cliffview Notes December 2018

Cliffview Notes – November 2018

In this issue: Summer’s Gone But Fall Is Happenin’! Two Hundred Forty-two Years of Defending Our Liberty, Our Way Of Life The Real First Thanksgiving The Natural Bridge State Resort Park Read more – Cliffview Notes November 2018

Cliffview Notes – August 2018

In this issue: At The Red River Gorge Zipline The Catch Word Is Safety.  Safety First, Last And Always Discover The Gorge Goat Getting’ and Horse Racing The First People of the Gorge – Paleoindians Rock Shelters Read more – Cliffview Notes August-2018

Cliffview Notes – July 2018

In this issue: New Faces and New Places Overhang Tavern Maintain Your Cool It’s A Jungle Out There! Big News!!  Baker’s Beer and General Store Read more – Cliffview Notes July 2018

Cliffview Notes – June 2018

In this issue: New Road Scholar Program Comes to Cliffview Resort No Weekend Plans? Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Visits the Gorge!  ( Hollywood East?  Not yet but workin’ on it. The Snake with “Baited” Breath Read more – Cliffview Notes June 2018

Cliffview Notes – May 2018

In this issue: The Red River Gorge Is Truly Unique Natural Bridge State Resort Park 2018 Special Events Gimme that old time Rock ‘n Roll Spring Festival Season Begin In The Bluegrass Horseback Riding In The Gorge Read more – Cliffview Notes May 2018

Cliffview Notes – April 2018

In this issue: Rock Climbing – It’s Increasing Popularity The Joy of April Spring! Spring! Spring! First Aid To Go Kentucky’s “Great Lakes” Read more – Cliffview Notes April 2018

Cliffview Notes – March 2018

In this issue: Planning Your Next Retreat by Joyce Belcher We Have A New Innkeeper We Have A New Lead Guide Kentucky Lucky It’s (Almost) Spring!  Time for Easter, Baseball and… Fishin’! Read more – Cliffview Notes March 2018

Cliffview Notes – December 2017

In this issue: View From The Cliff by Joyce Belcher Christmas at Cliffview Christmas Traditions Through the Years and Around the World by Jerry Ison Politically Correct Carols Read more – Cliffview Notes December 2017

Jesica B. in Chattanooga, TN booked a Room at The Lodge
Frank R. in Knoxville, TN booked The Cliffview Lakeside
Joyce B. in Indianapolis, IN booked The Cliffview Retreat
Susan R. in Frankfort, KY booked a Room at The Lodge
Bob T. in Lexington, KY booked a Room at The Lodge
Jill S. in Cincinnati, OH booked the Cliffview Lakeside
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