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We like to use our blog as a way to help keep future, current, and past guests informed about events and news in the Gorge and the Resort.

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Cliffview Newsletter

Cliffview Notes – June 2019

In this issue: Outdoor Adventures in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge Ready for a Family Summer Adventure? Head Out On The Highway Looking For Adventure! Locally …

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Corporate Retreat

What Should Be the Theme of a Company Retreat?

The theme of a company retreat is the pillar that you design around in order to maximize your ROI. This is how you make sure you get the most out of your company retreat. 

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Corporate Retreat

Discovering Natural Treasures: 8 Unexpected Benefits of a Corporate Retreat

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small startup with under 10 employees, or if you employ up to 1,000 members of staff. A corporate retreat brings huge benefits to your business. 

There are so many reasons to get out of the office and treat your colleagues to a work retreat. But, some of the benefits may surprise you. 

Do you want to discover the natural treasures of a corporate retreat? Check out our blog post

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Cliffview Newsletter

Cliffview Notes – May 2019

In this issue: Come Enjoy Spring at Cliffview Resort! Things To Do In The Red River Gorge Area Green Driving (Like the Color of Money) …

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Amazing Outdoor Weddings: 5 Great Ideas for Nature Lovers

Long gone are the days of traditional weddings—something blue, white dresses, church backdrop. These classic weddings are celebrated. But for our nature lovers out there, they leave much to be desired.

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